What is Slip-N-Slide?

At Intelligent Devices, one of our guiding principles is that we make tools for audio manipulation that we would want to use. Consequently we like to make audio tools that simply don’t exist elsewhere. 

Slip-N-Slide is a case in point. What we have here are actually several different frequency domain effects, each with a significant amount of control over the effected as well as uneffected portions of the sound and each affording either a little or a lot of “ra n do m n e s s .”

With Slip-N-Slide you can create almost anything from shimmering, temporally rigid, spectral tremolos to slurred speech, to quirky, reverse-gate sounding effects, to new ambiances to continuously new rhythmic and sonic artifact riddled accents. The combination of spectral processing with controllable randomization is very powerful.

We could listen to this thing for hours. We hope you’ll feel the same way.


Slip-N-Slide is a unique frequency domain audio morpher/mangler. 

  • Modify existing sounds or to create whole new sounds from existing material. 
  • Create patterned or random slides of the spectral content, create a spectral sample and hold
  • Pluck out individual components from complex sounds. 
  • Or mix and match.