What is MegaDelayMass?

It's a new kind of multi-tap delay. HERE, NOW!!!

Think about this: up to 100 separate delay taps that can be either rigidly time synched OR completely randomized. Go from vocoderish resonation to unusual, non-linear, reverby sounds. Control the volume of the head of the delay or the tail! Randomize panning! Control randomized "clumping" through a logarithmic curve. Use it as a non-linear room simulator (especially if you're a fan of pre-delay). Affect the phase of individual taps. Add a regenerative delay that only plays back ONLY the sound of the taps and can be placed anywhere over 2000 ms with control over its own feedback and phase!


Why use one tap when you can use one hundred? Ok, well there are some good reasons, but...

MegaDelayMass is a new way to think of delays. 

Quickly create and control an army of delay taps. 

  • Put them in mathematical order for resonant and tube like results
  • Use randomization and log patterns to create dense and rich trails.
  • Create sweeping or alternating panning patterns for stereo or bounce trails.
  • Control individual tap phases as a percentage 
  • Automate the parameters with your favorite host software to “play” a dynamic resonator.