The AD-1 was the ultimate real-time audio monitoring tool. The Pro Audio Analyzer’s metering section provided precise simultaneous stereo peak and average metering, clip indication, headroom margin indication, and L/R sum and difference ratios. It was not possible for the meters to miss even a single sample peak under any conditions. No other meter made could show you a single sample clip from 20 Hz to 20 kHz!

To assure a perfect final digital master or CD the AD-1 also provided real-time stereo spectral analysis, phase metering, and waveform clip-history display.

The AD-1 replaced thousands of dollars worth of hardware, and provided simplicity, accuracy and functionality unavailable elsewhere at any cost. Version 2 included digital -10, -14, and -18 dB “Sony” references, , and variable phosphor decay on the phase scope. Applications include mixing, mastering, radio broadcast, diagnostics, calibration, and education.

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